Road Pavement engineering & design

At AP&G we don’t only know roads and highways, we understand them thoroughly. Based on our many years of international expertise and  experience, we provide innovative,   environment friendly, sustainable and cost effective infrastructure solutions with the use of the latest technologies and softwares.

We support our clients throughout the initiative, planning, Design and construction phase, continuing to work through evaluation enters the usage phase.  This end-to-end service concept allows us to plan performance evaluations  periodically based on fast non destructive and highly reliable testing methods together with visual inspections, resulting in appropriate maintenance programs and cost estimation.

AP&G consultancy is also experienced and has a great amount of expertise in developing innovative road building materials. We have developed several innovative road building materials in the past 20 years through an extensive research, testing and application program such as:

    • Stabical® binding agent for in-situ stabilization of a wide variety of base, sub base and subgrade materials to create strong and durable load transfer layers.
    • BitFoam® binding agent for in-situ recycling  of old asphalt pavements to create a new and strong and solid base layer using the existing materials in the road, resulting in reduced  thicknesses  of new asphalt layers.
    • Polytrop® asphalt modifier to improve the mechanical properties of asphalt mixes which are applied  in heavy  traffic roads under extreme tropical conditions.

All of these products are being applied successfully to several primary roads projects since 2009.