Airport Pavement engineering & design

Airport pavement condition is vital both from cost effectiveness and aviation safety perspective. AP&G has great expertise and experience in airport pavement engineering, design and evaluation as well as developing maintenance and rehabilitation plans. Our team of experts will add value to your pavement management efforts by: Utilizing our years of airport pavement testing, engineering, […]

Structural Engineering

Within the discipline of  Structural Engineering Constructions, AP&G provides design for various civil constructions in concrete, steel or wood, such as bridges, overpasses, sluices, pumping stations etc. Specialized state of the art calculation models, such as numerical models are used to calculate the optimized dimensions of the constructions, whereby aspects as quality, functionality, durability and […]

Road Pavement engineering & design

At AP&G we don’t only know roads and highways, we understand them thoroughly. Based on our many years of international expertise and  experience, we provide innovative,   environment friendly, sustainable and cost effective infrastructure solutions with the use of the latest technologies and softwares. We support our clients throughout the initiative, planning, Design and construction phase, […]

Water Management

Within the discipline of Water Management, AP&G provides a range of services related to surface water including: Storm water management Sewer systems design Water supply systems Water balance Optimization of water usage Water resource studies and harvesting Erosion and Sediment Control Modelling Monitoring State of the art dynamic models are used for the engineering, calculations […]

Geotechnical Engineering and in situ soil Testing

Within the discipline of Geotechnical Engineering AP&G has extensive geotechnical and hydrogeological expertise and experience in engineering, design and construction supervision. Our geotechnical services are provided of experienced engineers, capable of ensuring that our clients achieve the dual objectives of completing a project that is both technically feasible and economical even in adverse subsurface conditions. […]

Laboratory and Field testing on materials

Our clients have relied on AP&G to ensure the quality and durability of infrastructure projects and protect the value of their assets by providing Laboratory and Field Testing services on several Natural Soil types, Crushed Aggregates, Bituminious and Concrete Materials. These professional services are executed with state-of-the-art Field and Laboratory testing equipment owned by AP&G. […]

Construction Supervision

AP&G is well known for providing highly quality, accurate, and time efficient supervision services to support and enhance the project execution. By employing the best available resources, our construction managers, resident engineers, supervising engineers and technicians utilize their local knowledge to deliver the projects within the contract agreement, technical standards and norms. We provide construction […]