Geotechnical Engineering and in situ soil Testing

Within the discipline of Geotechnical Engineering AP&G has extensive geotechnical and hydrogeological expertise and experience in engineering, design and construction supervision. Our geotechnical services are provided of experienced engineers, capable of ensuring that our clients achieve the dual objectives of completing a project that is both technically feasible and economical even in adverse subsurface conditions. AP&G uses various advanced computermodels for computing geotechnical calculations. Our geotechnical services consist the following:

  • Stability analyses and design of embankments, deep excavations and fill areas
  • Design and analysis of sheet piles
  • Settlement calculations and analysis
  • Recommendations and monitoring of preload to accelerate settlement process
  • Calculations and design of Horizontal and Vertical drains
  • Ground Improvement Design
  • Erosioncontrol measures
  • Deep and shallow foundation design
  • Groundwater and Hydrogeological Studies
  • Landfill and Solid Waste Design
  • Dewatering Systems
  • Monitoring Programs
  • Field Geotechnical Test:
    • Cone Penetration Test
    • Standard Penetration Test
    • Soil Borings and sampling
    • Analysis of the CPT data for soil classification and other parameters.